Our Diamond Burnishing tools are manufactured by mono crystalline diamonds.  Burnishing process is a cold process by using proper pressure without any material  removal of the work pieces.
The burnishing tools are very useful for metalworking because they help get high quality mirror-like surface finish and meet dimensions as requested.
Diamond burnishing tools can ensure longer tool life and good surface finish after only one single pass and even better afrer few more passes.

They are suitable for many different types of metals, including cast iron, stainless steel and aluminum. This type of tool can handle small workpieces and hardnesses up to around 65 HRC. 
Tools are adapted to make the surface harder, which they achieve through the cold working process and high pressure.
The result is that the metal gets a uniform and compact surface, however also increased resistance to material fatigue and lower risk of errors and deficiencies in critical load areas.

Time reducing is a great advantage of this technology. Diamond burnishing tools can do the same in just a few seconds amount of work that would normally take several minutes. If the tool is placed in the primary CNC machine, it can be possible to eliminate certain post-processing processes. For example, diamond polishing tools can do that manual sanding and polishing is no longer necessary. In other words, the tool contributes to a better
degree of utilization of both machinery and labor. The tool is also durable with a long service life. The part that wears is the diamond insert that is easy to replace and can be regrinded. Ordinary spare parts are always in our warehouse. On the whole requires both new use and maintenance very low investment cost and startup time.