Diamond Service AB started production of diamond tools as early as 1965 and is known in most industrial countries for provide diamond burnishing tools.

All tools are designed by ourself, also all grinding and polishing of each diamond insert are done by our team in Sweden.

In many cases, we have been pioneers in tool solutions for reducing installation dimensions on the diamond insert and at the same time maintaining a slight movment and force of the diamond insert.  Our solutions is now used by several other manufacturers today.

Very early, we was in transition from natural diamonds to synthetic monocrystalline diamonds. We found many advantages of the structure of monocrystalline diamonds, laser cut to correct shape , brazed insted of sintering process. This transition has also been a key in environmental perspective.

This synthetic diamond provides oriented hardness lines, planes for optimal tool life.

We love challenges, please send us a detailed drawing with surface requirements and we will return with a proposal.

Our goal is to always be able to give the customer the best solution.